Saturday, July 24, 2010

Driving back to Denver

We got up at 5:00am this morning but we ended up leaving at 6:30am. There's a lot to do before leaving specially with our little Maddie. Well anyway, the trip went well and Maddie did a very good job. We got home at around 11:15pm.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Commodity Futures Tradings

Compared to cash contracts, which require payment against the physical delivery of goods immediately or after a specified period, a futures contract is a special type of agreement made strictly under the rules of a commodity exchange, which may or may not call for the actual delivery of goods and payment in cash on a future date.

According to Emery, a futures contract can be defined as a contract for the future delivery of some commodity without reference to specific lots, made under the rules of some commercial body, in a set form, by which the conditions as to unit of amount, the quality and time of delivery are stereotyped, and only the determination of the total amounts and the price is left open to the contracting parties.

Such contracts are meant exclusively for future settlement, though the exact date of the settlement is decided by reference to the wishes of the seller and the established rules of the commodity exchange. Such contracts do not specify the particular grade of a commodity, but impliedly refer to a basic grade called the contract grade, accepted as the common grade for all futures dealings. The details in respect to the amount, the time of settlement, the quality and so forth are mentioned in the rules and regulations, and are common to all such contracts. The contracting parties have to decide upon the price at which the contract is to be settled, sometime in one of the trading months specified by the exchange.

Futures contracts are made only in the ‘ring’ of the commodity exchanges, and not outside the exchanges. Only members of a commodity exchange can enter into such a deal. No outsider can become a party to a futures agreement. Such contracts can be made only in multiples of a fixed unit of trading. No such contracts can be made in fractions of these units.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Becoming aware of the signs of autism

Autism is an ailment that affects the nerves and is generally found to victimize children in their second or third years. However, the signs of autism start to develop much before that and timely detection of these signs can go a long way in improving the quality of life of autistic children. Some of the early indications of autism include inability of a child to talk, babble or even point out things at the age of 1. The inability of the child to respond to his name, inability to make proper eye contact, lack of knowledge about playing with toys, etc are some of the other indications that a child might be autistic.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Health Tips - Life-Extending Formulae

More than ten per cent of China’s 1-3 billion people are 60 years or older and the number is forecast to rise to 400 million or a quarter of the total population, by the middle of this century. In ancient Chinese medical kidney refers to a system that health body’s clockwork is thrown out of kilter. A patient, regulates the body’s metabolism. If the sheen functions badly the health body’s clockwork is thrown out of kilter. A patient, regardless of natural age, exhibits symptoms of back ache, hair loss, weakness at the knees and low immunity, common to the elderly. Premature ageist is often found among middle aged patients suffering from chronic illnesses, which could respond to treatment aimed at nurturing the sheen.