Friday, July 31, 2009

Economic Times

Money is basic source for living in this world happily. We invest our money in many fields and especially we invest huge amount of money in stock market. We are investing the money expecting that we are going to get back twice the amount we have invested. But the economic times have been changed completely in past two years. Some people lose the huge amount of money in stock market. This is due to recession and the closing of number one banks. The same situation was occurred in the year 2000. Within a year world economy rate has been increased due to the hard working of people. I am sure that the current situation will change within a year. Be confidence and work hard.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are You Secure Using Your Browser?

Security is a big issue when it comes to the Internet. With so many spyware and malware threats that can attack our computer at any time, it is important to have good protection and have your browser updated. Many PC users have not had their PC infected for many years. That is usually because they took some precautions. Personally, I make sure that I have an up-to-date Firewall that works perfectly well, in order to block any unauthorized access. I also make sure that I am using a safe browser such as Firefox.

Many believe that Firefox users are the safest users on the Internet when it comes to spyware and malware threats. I am glad that this is the case. Firefox with proper plugins installed by default blocks all scripts of new pages that a user encounters for the first time. If a user wants to allow scripts, he can simply press a button. On the other hand, a user will probably not allow scripts of websites that he does not trust yet.

I also want to say that staying up to date when it comes to your browser updates will minimize the risk of your computer being infected. You may also want to get familiar with any changes that the updates bring to your browser in order to understand whether they affect your security.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Human Behavior on the Internet

From time to time, we might hear about people complaining about other Internet users for variouse reasons. Sometimes it is about scammers, sometimes about stalkers, and sometimes it is simply about people who argue a lot. Why is there so much rude and illogical behavior on the Web? There are different explanations, but one of them is that people are more likely to express their true selves on the Internet rather than in face-to-face interaction. This seems to be true because you can be anonymous on the Internet, and can do things that you would normally be afraid to do in your social circles. Generally, the nature of people is bad, and they often do not reveal it if they have something to lose.

However, on the Internet they can often have the opportunity to reveal who they really are because they can be completely anonymous. In most cases there are no repercussions for being rude to others on the Internet, but there are some things that can be done about it. First of all, if you participate in discussions on message boards with plenty of moderators, you can be sure that they will not ignore spammers or so-called trolls.

Another thing you can do is visit sites that require paid membership. I am sure that members of such sites will think twice before behaving in an inappropriate way, as they would otherwise risk losing their membership.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Additional Credit Card Extra Charges

Here is the last list of fees you should watch out for:

-You might be subject to a check access fee for using the checks your bank gave to you. Usually, it is a percentage, and unfortunately most people have to pay such fees. Make sure you know how big the fee is.
-If you travel to another country or you want to buy something on the Internet in another currency, you will probably need to pay a currency exchange surcharge. It is better to pay in your own country currency if possible, but if it is not, be prepared to spend around 3% as a fee.
-A merchant surcharge is a fee that some merchants charge for accepting your credit card. I would recommend avoiding dealing with merchants that charge such fees, as credit cards are so popular these days that merchants should not charge additional fees.

As you see, most of the solutions for avoiding these fees is to simply stay informed. If in some cases you simply cannot avoid them, at least know with what kind of fee you are dealing with, and how much it will cost you. I hope that the information I shared will help you manage your personal finances, as it helped me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking Care of Plants

Those of us who have a lot of plants in our house could use some help when it comes to watering them. There is a gadget that can help you with this task by monitoring chemical signs, such as an increase in salt and sugar content. Actually, such devices are being sold to farmers, so you may not benefit from them that much at the moment. However, I believe it is still an interesting device to hear about. This device can spot any problems with the plant a lot earlier than it would be otherwise possibly by observing physical signs. For example, increase in salt and sugar content in the cells occurs a lot earlier than anything else that we can spot with our bare eyes. The data can then be transmitted to a farmer’s computer, along with the information with which plants there are problems. By using such devices farmers can ensure that there will not be any unpleasant surprises. I think that in the future every flower pot is going to have such a device implemented. It would greatly help in taking care of plants, so I see no reason why such devices would not eventually become popular. What do you think about it?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Setting Up A News Blog

One of the more interesting ideas for a blog is a news blog. It is a blog that reports news and comments on it. Visitors that have similar views as the blogger would probably enjoy visiting such a blog quite a lot. Here are some guidelines on creating a news blog:

  • Incorporate a “top news” column where you list the most important news. You should only list the most important news there. You should do that so that people who only have a minute or two can benefit from your site by checking out quickly what is currently happening. News should be presented in a very concise way here.
  • Use videos. You can embed videos using Google video or YouTube. Some news are best presented by showing a video, instead of just describing with words. Keep an eye on the most popular videos posted in YouTube, as very often you will find something interesting.
  • Have another section with detailed news. Remember, some people just have a minute to check out news, while others are looking forward to reading articles.
  • Finally you may want to have a section with gossip and rumors. This would be a good place to ask your visitors for their opinion, as by definition rumors mean that you do not only need to rely on facts.
  • Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Getting More People to Subscribe to Your RSS Feed

    If you want to obtain a high number of RSS feed subscribers, you will need to focus on content. However, there are some other things that can help you increase the number of your RSS subscribers. A little bit of marketing might be necessary to make your blog well known in the blogosphere. This in turn will attract more RSS subscribers. Here is what else you can do to increase the number of your RSS subscribers:

    1. Write compelling content so that visitors will want to subscribe. Before you start to promote your blog and look for ways to attract potential subscribers, it is a good idea to ask yourself a question: “If it was up to me, would I subscribe to my own RSS feed in order to read my articles?”
    2. Promote your RSS feed while commenting on forums and attach it to your email signatures. Most forums have an option to do that. It is a good idea not to miss such opportunities, and try to market your blog wherever possible.
    3. Make you RSS feed button easily accessible to your readers. Placing a button in the right place is the key to success. Use widely recognizable RSS buttons that most users are familiar with.

    Even if you have a quite low number of subscribers, it does not have to mean that your blog does not have valuable content. It might simply mean that your blog did not get discovered yet by the blogosphere.

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    Favorite Places

    I have many desires and now I have started completing my desires one by one. But some wishes are beyond imagination like my dreams. One of my favorite desires is to visit the mysterious and famous places in this world. Area 51 is my first favorite place to visit because it the top most secret place in this world. It is the military base located in United States. Another place I would like to visit is Bermuda Triangle. I am very much interested in knowing the secret behind Bermuda Triangle because I am surprising how a flight or ship was lost when it crosses that particular place. I have thousands of questions about these places and one day I will find the answers for my questions.

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Marketing Your Blog to Your Readers

    It seems that many blogs are actively promoting their blog, but often they make a mistake of promoting their blog to their readers. Keeping current readers interested in your site is important, but without new visitors arriving, such websites will eventually fail. What they should be doing is focus on marketing their blog to potential readers, instead of visitors who are already readers and subscribers. This does not mean that you cannot use various methods of promotion targeted at your current reader.

    However, if your goal is to attract new visitors, then you have to market your blog in places from where your regular visitors usually do not come from. Writing a guest post on another blog, getting involved with social media sites, or commenting on other blogs are great ways to acquire new visitors. Try to be an active marketer and you should be able to acquire many readers if you put some work into it.

    Generally, it is a good idea to have your marketing endeavors directed at places where there are people who could be interested in your blog. You want to market your blog to people who are interested in the niche your blog is in, so make sure that you visit appropriate websites.

    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Popularity of eBay

    Many people are still very cautious about purchasing items on the Internet, and many of them even decided not to shop online at all. However, this does not describe accurately the majority of Internet users. Most of them have been using eBay for many few years, and have never been scammed. I know that there are some auction sites on the Internet where a person can possibly get cheated; however, it is safe to say that eBay is a safe place to shop online.

    One of the reasons is that each seller has an online reputation and feedback. If a seller scams anyone, then he is going to receive a negative feedback. This in turn will mean that buyers will lose interest in his products. EBay does not give a second chance to anyone, and if a person is once banned it means that is he banned forever. EBay has even the right to freeze a sellers PayPal account if it suspects any fraudulent activities. Each PayPal account needs verification, and there are steps take to prevent a person from creating multiple accounts using different names.

    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    Functions and benefits of advertising

    From the practical point of view, the fundamental function of advertising is to stimulate the sale of goods and services. Increased sales may be accomplished either by selling to more people or by selling in greater quantity to people who are already customers. The following analysis outlines the ways in which these two ends are achieved.

    Increased sales may be accomplished by selling to more people by securing new users. This is done by opening up new markets or by plucking customers from competitors. Advertiser may set out to reach undeveloped markets, to appeal to the younger generation, or to overcome prejudices which have stood in the way of further development.

    Instead of trying to attract new users, the advertiser may find it possible to stimulate sale by encouraging present customers to increase consumption. A common device is to encourage more frequent use. The introduction of radio sets for use in automobiles has expanded the market for them. Similarly, products which formerly were sold rather generally are now promoted for use on special occasions. The exploitation of shirts and ties as special gifts for father’s day is an illustration of this type of advertising.

    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Internet and Learning Foreign Languages

    In the past, you always had to pay to learn foreign languages. It was obvious that if you want to learn to speak and write Italian or Spanish you had to take a course and pay for it. Today, the reality is different. With the widespread access to the Internet many services became free, and you no longer have to spend money on them. There are free courses on the Internet that are 100% legit and can help you learn and understand a foreign language.

    I know that BBC offers such courses, and if you are interested you can check their site for more details. Apart from regular courses there are also other ways of learning foreign languages. You can, for example, visit a chat where people speak the language you wish to learn. You can then practice such language by talking with people who speak the language of your choice. This is in fact a very effective way of learning.

    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Passive Income through Mutual Fund

    Everybody knows that an active income can not help you when you get older. You have to find a way to have a passive income. But what is passive income anyway? Passive Income is an income where even if you don't have to work, you still have an income. It could be a business or investment that generate money without you working on it. It is money that gives you more money return. Rich are using their money to earn money. They don't work to others like most of us. They used their money to have a business that earn money but others are buying real estates properties to ear money too. They also invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other paper investments.

    Right now investing in Mutual Fund is the best. Most of them will earn big returns that are high as 30% per year. I myself invested on Mutual Fund. But my best advice is to diversify your assets so when there is a problem with one of your businesses and investments, the other can save your financial standing.