Friday, January 29, 2010

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is caused by severe tooth decay or infection. Due to bad gums, pains develop around the teeth and also it will result in tooth decay. At that time, teeth has to be removed from the mouth as it will lead to further complications like bleeding and also swelling. Nerves will become very weak as it will result in nerve pain also .How to avoid a tooth extraction? The teeth system should be very clean and it should be taken immediately by consulting a dentist.

Tooth extraction can also be avoided by non-smoking and also chewing of the chemical foods available in the market .This definitely spoils the entire tooth system and as a net result, tooth extraction takes place. One must be very careful in tooth extraction as it will cause several diseases which cannot be cured immediately..

Monday, January 18, 2010

About Meditation

Meditation means continuous remembering of the divine knowledge which yields the direct fruit here itself. Such a person gets a fruit in the upper world also. The only one Lord is the authority here and there also. Anybody blessed here will be blessed there also. If one is not blessed here he is not blessed in the upper world also. The grace of the Lord or the anger of the Lord is uniform here and there. One who is not blessed here cannot be blessed there. Thus the true knowledge blesses any person here and there. Meditation is continuous thinking of such knowledge and other interpretations are either useless or of little use.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Kind of Song

"Down in a hole" is the best song Alice In chains ever made. The track is beautifully composed and is highly atmospheric and the haunting guitars and soothing vocals are extremely addictive. composed by guitarist Jerry Cantrell, he initially hesitated to show it to the rest of the band fearing it might be too soft for the band's signature hard rock/heavy metal sound. But when the rest loved it, the band turned the initially simple track into one of the best songs ever made.

There are two amazing versions : the original electric hard rock version appeared on their "Dirt" album and the acoustic version for their MTV Un plugged performance. Both are good but the acoustic one is much softer and mellower. Layne Stayley's voice is heavenly and Mike Inez's bass playing is just awesome on the acoustic version. A fluid lead guitar by Cantrell is mesmerising as is stayley's soulful rhythm full of lush chords and detailed atmospherics. The tracks was a major hit and defined 1990s rock.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Study of the Subconscious Mind

Much of the work of psychoanalysts is concerned with the subconscious mind, because by studying the subconscious health mind, they are able to get behind the reasons of their patient’s behavior. While the study of the subconscious mind is still a relatively new field of research, there are strong indications to suggest that in the future, a man’s actions and behavior can be directed and improved by having better health knowledge of the subconscious.