Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Becoming aware of the signs of autism

Autism is an ailment that affects the nerves and is generally found to victimize children in their second or third years. However, the signs of autism start to develop much before that and timely detection of these signs can go a long way in improving the quality of life of autistic children. Some of the early indications of autism include inability of a child to talk, babble or even point out things at the age of 1. The inability of the child to respond to his name, inability to make proper eye contact, lack of knowledge about playing with toys, etc are some of the other indications that a child might be autistic.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Health Tips - Life-Extending Formulae

More than ten per cent of China’s 1-3 billion people are 60 years or older and the number is forecast to rise to 400 million or a quarter of the total population, by the middle of this century. In ancient Chinese medical kidney refers to a system that health body’s clockwork is thrown out of kilter. A patient, regulates the body’s metabolism. If the sheen functions badly the health body’s clockwork is thrown out of kilter. A patient, regardless of natural age, exhibits symptoms of back ache, hair loss, weakness at the knees and low immunity, common to the elderly. Premature ageist is often found among middle aged patients suffering from chronic illnesses, which could respond to treatment aimed at nurturing the sheen.

My business articles

Hello friends. I am currently involved in a business project writing Business Articles so I seldom blog lately. It’s something very new to me so I devote a great deal of my time in building my vocabulary in business so that I'l is able to write my Business Articles well. I have less background in business. The only courses I took back in college which are related to business are economics and basic accounting. I'd probably need to brush up on a few of my books' pages about the terminologies used in those subjects.

I am beginning to really appreciate just how important to have a business of your own no matter how small it seems to be. It adds up to your income and helps you finance some of your caprice and save for your future. Some people don't know what business to put up and how to start. I guess what one needs to check is the kind of skill you have that others don't have, and then start from there.

If people don't have such skill, say how create simple dress accessories, then people will find those who possess it and produce such. When you start giving value to people, that's when the money starts coming in. Good luck.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One in four men suffers from high blood pressure. Why? Part of the problem may be that we don’t get enough calcium. The Framingham Heart Study, which tracked 432 men for 18 years, found that men who consumed the highest levels of this mineral had a 20 percent of lower risk of developing high blood pressure than men who consumed the lowest levels.

Calcium is also a major building block of bone. If you can’t remember the last time you drank a glass of milk, keep in mind that your bones have to pony up the difference when your body needs to use its store of calcium for other functions such as the maintenance of blood, muscles and nerves. A persistent calcium deficit in your diet will leave bones weak and brittle. That condition, osteoporosis, is not just a women’s problem; One-third of the hip fractures tied to this condition occur in men. The recommended Dietary Allowance of calcium for men is 800 milligrams daily. You’ll get 300 milligrams in a single glass of milk. Other good sources are canned salmon or sardines and many garden greens.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


People often complain about the horrible interest that they get at regular brick and mortar bank accounts but they never seem to think about their low balance in their savings account. Regardless of the interest that you earn, you won’t “earn” anything unless you plan to actually have some money in the account. I currently earn 3.25% at FNBO Direct but I have over six thousand dollars in there that let me earn interest. In addition I’m constantly adding money to the account as it comes in, so let this be a lesson to everyone, save. Saving accounts are great, but look for them online and make sure that they are FDIC insured.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dealing With Higher Taxes in 2010

Its a bright Monday morning in Americas capital city. While going about your business, you may be wondering about what 2010 has in store for your money. Well, here are some thoughts:

Local governments are going to raise taxes and fees. Governments at all levels are running large deficits. Typical efforts to close deficit gaps involve some combination of increased taxes or user fees. In particular, the massive size of the Federal deficit indicates your income taxes are likely to increase.

So what does all this mean for you?

A) Pick the right account. If you are at all able to, sock away your money using ROTH 401ks, 401ks or ROTH IRAs. The rules vary, but in tax deferred accounts earnings on your investments tend to grow assessment free. This is especially the case for stocks and bonds, but you can hold gold and real estate in these types of accounts also.

B) Consider municipal bonds. Investors don't have to pay federal taxes on dividends from muni bond funds because these funds invest only in relevant government paper which is exempt from taxation. While the rates these funds pay are typically pretty modest, the after tax returns can look good compared with taxable funds.

As a quick note here - some beginning investors buy muni bonds in their retirement accounts. You don't need to do this because municipal bond interest is tax free already. A broker I know made this mistake. Her client dropped her for it.

C) Keep taxes in perspective. People go to great lengths to avoid taxes. Rich people found philanthropic organizations and ship their money abroad, common people work under the table or under report their income. You are probably pretty honest when it comes your income taxes, but the point here is that you should keep things in perspective. If you are too obsessed with taxes, it can distort how you make decisions.

For example, a lot of people didn't want to sell their tech stocks at the height of the 2001 boom. They didn't want to sell because they didn't want to cough up the 20% tax on their capital gains. When the tech bubble burst, a lot of these folks were left with nothing. The bottom line here is that you shouldn't let taxes distort your investment decision making.